Infosys & LTP blockchain study finds distributed ledger technology is no hype among bankers

LTP Blockchain Study
Over 80 percent of bankers expect blockchain technology to be commercially adopted by 2020

According to a recent Infosys & LTP blockchain study, over 80 percent of bankers expect blockchain technology to be commercially adopted by 2020

A new Infosys & LTP blockchain study of more than 100 financial services professionals from 75 institutions found that 33 percent of respondents expect to see commercial blockchain adoption by 2018, while nearly 50 percent expect mainstream adoption by 2020.

The Infosys & LTP blockchain study was conducted to assess the current understanding of blockchain technology among banking industry professionals, discover the main adoption strategies and investments currently being pursued and identify the opportunities and challenges facing the industry.

The study highlighted extensive investment and interest in blockchain technology with the average investment in blockchain projects in 2017 expected to be about $1 million USD.

The survey revealed that 69 percent of banks were experimenting with permissioned blockchains while approximately 50 percent of banks were either working with a fintech start-up or tech company to expand their capabilities. 30 percent of respondents were found to be using the consortium model to investigate blockchain.

The top five uses of blockchain expected to be adopted include cross-border payments, digital identity management, clearing and settlement, letter of credit process and syndication of loans.

Sanat Rao, Global Head of Finacle, commented, “This research reaffirms our belief that the blockchain technology has potential to help banks reimagine banking processes”.

“The technology can help banks automate inter-organization processes, significantly improve transparency and reset existing operational benchmarks. Several progressive organizations have already executed pilots to validate these propositions. We believe, in the coming quarters, the industry will experience greater momentum towards rolling out lab-pilots to real-life use cases,” he continued.

While the Infosys & LTP blockchain study illustrated widespread agreement about blockchain’s transformational potential, Rao notes that several questions remain. “How soon can the industry create collaborative networks with this technology? Can the technology meet the scalability requirements? How can we tackle the lack of governance models? How do we integrate multiple networks with existing infrastructure?”.

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