Estonian blockchain investment platform Funderbeam set to expand

Estonian blockchain based investment platform
Funderbeam platform gives early stage investors the ability to choose how much to invest

After well-known Japanese investor and incubator Mistletoe invests €2 million, Estonian blockchain based investment platform Funderbeam plans to expand its operations into the lucrative Asia-Pacific market

Funderbeam, the Estonian blockchain based investment platform has announced a €2 million investment by Japanese investor Mistletoe. The announcement was made at Slush Tokyo, one of the largest startup and technology events in Japan by Funderbeam’s CEO & Founder, Kaidi Ruusalepp.

In her announcement, Kaidi stated that the investment would be used to expand its operations into the Asia-pacific region.

“Our vision has always been to become the global stock exchange for startups. We’ve built the world’s first blockchain-powered always-open exchange, and now it’s time to scale outside of Europe. Mistletoe and Taizo Son, are ideal partners for this endeavor, as one of the most prominent and visionary investors in the region.”

“According to our own data, Asia has been growing at a much higher rate than Europe and North America. This, combined with less competition and more progressive regulations have made it an easy choice to focus on our Asian expansion while we closely monitor the developments in the US market,” she continued.

Mistletoe’s Representative Director, President, and CEO, Taizo Son, stated, “Mistletoe engages in various activities to support and grow a startup ecosystem in which entrepreneurs and startups can grow freely. And for the healthy development of this ecosystem, a transparent and open fundraising process, is one of its critical components. Through supporting Funderbeam’s Asia Pacific expansion, Mistletoe hopes to contribute to the democratization of startup fundraising in Asia Pacific.”

Funderbeam originally built a data platform to give investors an understanding of startup market. However, the company has since advanced its platform, launching a blockchain based primary and secondary trading market for early-stage startup investments in 2016.

The Estonian blockchain Funderbeam platform gives early stage investors the ability to choose how much to invest, and how long to keep an investment in a completely transparent manner. Companies looking for investments can raise money privately with experienced investors and/or publicly with the crowd.

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